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Derailed train lifted from site: No injuries reported

The train derailed during the morning rush hour on a track close to the entrance of the rail bridge that's used to connect the rail lines of the north-east London suburb of Kensington and Chelsea.

There were no injuries reported, but commuters were taken to hospital, along with a passenger in the train.

The cause of the crash, which struck around 10.30am on the South Hill, was not immediately known, London Transport said.

Trains are used throughout the country, but the South Hill is considered to be one of the safest stations because it's not a commuter train.

Police have asked commuters to avoid the area during the night hours and to expect delays of some four-to-five hours during peak times.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Some commuters have been advised to stay put during the night as it may be too dangerous to board a train

'Massive' accident

London Mayor Sadiq Khan confirmed the crash, which
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